- Moroccan Clothing

Morocco is a country located in Northeast Africa and is known for its rich culture and active traditions such as celebrating weddings as great gala events with brides that are pampered and covered in henna designs. Traditional Moroccan weddings are a seven day affair with numerous pre-wedding ceremonies. Pre-wedding ceremonies include giving many gifts to the bride to help her prepare for married life. 

Takchita (alternate spellings: takshita, tackshita, tackchita) is a Moroccan traditional women's garment that, like the Moroccan caftan, is worn for celebrations, particularly weddings. It is composed of two pieces; a dress as a first layer, often of fine but not ornately decorated fabric, and a more elaborate second layer or over-dress that often buttons up the front using the traditional sfifa and akaad closures. The upper layer is often richly adorned with embroidery, beading or sequins.