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Badia Design Inc. - Decorative Moroccan Mosaic Tile Table Top: Their brilliant colors and patterns make them an easy fit for indoor or outdoor festivities. Add to them our Moroccan iron tile table base and chairs for dinning, bistro, coffee, and patio activities to fully enjoy the artistic and exotic mosaic tile table set. Our Moroccan mosaic tile tables come in different sizes and shapes: mosaic square, round, rectangular, and half moon design. With colors that range from brown-beige, multicolor, green-blue, blue-white, burgundy-terracotta, all hand made with the same zellij, andalusian, and alhambra techniques.

At Badia Design Inc., we strive to provide a large variety of our handmade mosaic tile table tops. The products listed on our web site are typically available in the quantity indicated. Occasionally, due to high demand or production limits, we run out of stock of these particular handmade items. We do our best to keep our inventory accurately linked to the web site so that out-of-stock items will be indicated while you’re shopping.

If you can't find a particular design or color you're looking for on our web site, it can be custom made to your specifications. Turn around time is roughly 90 days.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions: info@badiadesign.com