Moroccan Style Garden Furniture

Morocco is in Northern Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The interior design seen in Morocco is influenced by the warm climate, the local landscape and the dominant belief system, Islam. Because of its location on the Mediterranean Sea, Moroccan décor could be described as a Mediterranean style of design.

In the Western adaptations of Moroccan design, the outdoor space is used for entertainment. The garden décor will be wrought-iron outdoor furniture upholstered in a vibrant solid color, Mosaic Style Fountains, Metal and Bone Fountains, Moroccan Clay Pot, Moroccan Fossils, Wrought Iron Gazebo, Wrought Iron Birdcages, Wrought Iron Gates, Wrought Iron Screen, Moroccan Tiles... To achieve a romantic Moroccan-inspired garden, Moroccan outdoor hanging lanterns or table lamps will add ambiance to your outdoor patio. For beauty, originality and craftmanship, nothing comes close to Moroccan furniture.

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